What people are saying about Talujon:

"...the brilliant members of Talujon..." -New York Times

"...suddenly we're flying around in realms of time..." -New York Times

" ...a tight-knit professional ensemble from New York..." - Sacramento Bee

"Drum wizards TPQ use an esoteric variety of eclectic percussion instruments used in a myriad of ingenious ways." -Village Voice

" Amid the prevailing drama and array of sonic colors, no work was more powerful that "An Idyll for the Misbegotten" for amplified flute and percussion--a surging, explosive performance."

"...frenzied explosions of percussion madness that showcased the skills of Talujon..."
- New York Times

"kinetic energy" and "the message that percussive music can be beautiful, and even transcedent, was most certainly drummed home" - Morning Call


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by: Richard Blinkoff

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